Hardwicks export under the Australian approved Tier One export system. With
our export quality produce being of the highest standards.

Hardwicks has the ability to export into a range of countries across the world. With all products
100% Halal Slaughtered. Will Holloway is always available to talk to anyone about the prospect of exporting.
Our current export products are;

All export enquiries should be
directed to;

Will Holloway
(03) 5422 0400

Sheep and Lamb

Fresh Chilled Lamb Carcases
Fresh Chilled Sheep Carcases

Frozen Bagged Lamb Carcases
Frozen Bagged Sheep Carcases

Six Way Lamb Carcases
Six Way Sheep Carcases

Frozen Lamb Hearts
Frozen Lamb Frys
Frozen Lamb Kidneys
Frozen Lamb Brains
Frozen Lamb Spleens
Frozen Lamb Sweetbreads
Frozen Lamb Tongues
Frozen Lamb Paunches
Frozen Lamb Feet


Fresh Chilled Beef Carcases
Fresh Chilled Calf Carcases

Frozen Beef Livers
Frozen Beef Hearts
Frozen Beef Cheek
Frozen Beef Tongues
Frozen Beef Tails
Frozen Beef Spleens
Frozen Beef Lungs
Frozen Beef Kidneys

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